When it comes to sports, there are those who participate and those who like to watch. This is the difference between athletes and spectators. In terms of most professional sports, you really can't have one without the other. While a game at a hockey tournament can happen without anyone watching, this is certainly not so when the players are being paid. There needs to be tickets sold and people watching in the stands and on television to view the advertisements.

The sports that are meant to be watched are called spectator sports. This includes things like football, baseball, and ice hockey. Other sports that people can play that are less likely to be viewed by others include hunting and bowling. One of the reasons that some sports are more entertaining than others is that there is an anticipation throughout the game. If you're sitting back in your chair watching a soccer game than you can feel your pulse rise as an exciting play starts to happen.

Some spectators turn watching their favorite sports into a full hobby and seem to devote themselves to their favorite teams or players. You will see some of them spending every Sunday afternoon watching football or saving up for months so that they can buy tickets to the playoffs. There are millions of dollars made every year selling memorabilia for sports teams and even more spent on tickets to games. This page you are reading is compliments of the Trinity Family Dental Clinic in Whitby Ontario .

Being a spectator definitely makes you a part of the game in some way. It's like what the audience does for those in the theatre business. When you're training or on the field and you're all alone, it can be difficult to motivate you towards those moments that you will never forget. Playing sports is all about pushing yourself and having a large crowd of people there to cheer and encourage you along the way really can make all of the difference.

They say that no matter whether you're playing baseball or hockey that you have an advantage when you're playing at home. One of the reasons for this is that you have home court advantage with those that are watching. They are more likely to be on your side when something goes right and will help to encourage you when you need a little help getting that motivation to win.

If you've always been a spectator and are looking for something more than you might think about playing the sport that you love so much. Seeing the other side of the game can even help you appreciate it more when you are watching.

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