Participating in an activity like Parkour isn't just fun, it's also great exercise. Most people know that physical exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, but few people are clear on exactly what the benefits of exercise are. Will it help you lose weight? Grow bigger breasts? Relieve stress? If you're finding it difficult to get out of your North York condo and get your butt in gear, here are some compelling reasons why you should get out there and start working out. They're the primary benefits of physical exercise.


There's a reason your doctor suggests taking yoga classes when she notices you're getting a little chubby. Exercise helps to burn fat, which in turn results in a skinnier you over time. If you're at an optimal weight already, exercising will help you maintain it by burning off the excess calories you eat before they have a chance to turn into fat, which is harder to work off. You won't see results overnight, but weight loss through exercise is much healthier and easier to maintain than dieting. What are the benefits of yoga exactly?

Muscles, Bones, and Ligaments

Have you ever heard the expression "use it or lose it?" Well it certainly applies to muscle strength. Muscles must be used or they will begin to atrophy or shrink. By the same token, muscles that are used begin to grow. The more you work your muscles the more definition your body will have, which will make you more attractive and give you greater capabilities. Exercise also helps you become more flexible by loosening your ligaments and helps maintain bone density, which reduces the chances of breakage. If you have an injury and require physical therapy before you can begin a workout program, contact a physiotherapist today to get started.

Disease Prevention

Did you know that exercising can help prevent disease? It's true! Even just running around in the neighborhood will help reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes! And what's more, the stronger your body is the more likely you are to pull through difficult surgeries resulting from accidents or other conditions. Another great benefit is that the more you exercise in early to middle age, the better your mobility will be when you are older.

Stress Relief

Exercise helps to relieve stress in a variety of ways. If your family participates in exercise you can qualify for a fitness credit that will help ease your money woes. Exercise also releases endorphins which help to combat mental health issues like depression, low self esteem, and even bad moods for up to several days. If you have trouble sleeping, exercise can also relieve that stress by helping to combat your insomnia by making you tired enough to nod off without entering the cycle of worry and self doubt.

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