You go to the gym so that you can be in your best form. You want to get fit and you want to stay as healthy as possible. So, it would make sense that when you're visiting the gym in your building or around the corner from your office that you should take some care to make sure that you're not exposing yourself to anything that might make you sick. There are lots of health hazards that you might be exposed to at the gym and ways that you can make sure you're staying away from these possible dangers. Here are some tips that can help you stay germ free whether you're working out at a gym in your home or a large Toronto gym that sees hundreds of people every day.

Make sure you have some sort of sanitation wipe with you when you're visiting every machine at the gym or that you're taking the time to wipe everything down when you arrive. The most common way that someone who is sick is going to transfer their germs to you is by touching their face while they are on that treadmill and then touching the machine. Most gyms now offer sanitation wipes or some sort of spray that you can wipe down the machines with before and after use. But, if they don't then you should make sure you're bringing your own. Definitely don't assume that the person who was using the machine before you was polite enough to wipe it down for you.

Don't just stop at the machines. There are lots of things that you could be touching at the gym that could have been exposed to germs. If you're someone who likes to take a weekly yoga class and you don't bring your own mat then this is something you're going to want to make sure that you're wiping down. You could also be taking personal training where you are using hand weights that have been touched by many other people. You should be extra careful if you have any cuts or blisters on your hands that might allow for a staph infection to spread.

Another hazard that you should be thinking about at the gym are foot infections. If you're exercising in a small gym in the basement of your home then you might not be barefoot at any point and won't have to worry. But, if you're at a large gym where you're using the change room, the shower, and the sauna then you should make sure that you're bringing a pair of flip flops with you to protect your feet. There is a lot of bacteria that you could be exposed to otherwise that could cause plantar warts or an infection.

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