There are lots of different games that children come up with and play by themselves or while they are with all of their friends. And while there are some that you will never play again when you're grown, there are those that never lose their fun and those that even can teach us things into adulthood. A game that you can play at a family reunion with the whole family or that you can organize as an activity for guests is a scavenger hunt. This is something that can also be organized in a professional setting at a retreat or team building event.

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When you're organizing a scavenger hunt, it's a good idea to start with some sort of theme. Some people might use this as some kind of teaching tool. You could send your kids with you on a scavenger hunt around your new place so that they get to know the neighbourhood. There are other people who might want to have a theme that has to do with an interest of everyone involved. You could go through the city looking for movie memorabilia or have a pirate theme for a kid's birthday party. Your theme will help dictate whether you're going to be taking pictures of abstract art in a small gallery or if you're going to be asking a redhead for a lock of their hair.

The next most important element will be the scope of your hunt. If you're starting at your home with friends for a bachelorette party then everyone might be willing to hop in cabs and on the subway to go all over the city. If you're planning a party for a bunch of kids and there are few adults to supervise then you will want to keep the area small and might even want to stay on your own property. The size of your area will help to decide what sort of items are on the scavenger hunt and how long it will take to complete. Survey around your neighbourhood or your downtown area to see how epic you want your scavenger hunt to be realistically.

Think of the purpose of your hunt. If it is all about people having fun then you can pick items that are a little more out there and entertaining to obtain. If this is about building team spirit and problem solving skills at your business then you might want to create a hunt that needs more thought and strategy. This is going to help you determine all of the different things that are on your hunt list and how someone is able to win in the end. Some people want to see the best example of the items while others are more interested in who is done first. If you have a moment, pay a visit to one of our website sponsors, Ideal Warehouse Innovations Inc. - (warehouse guardrail and column protectors manufacturer) to see what the latest industry trends are.

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